<strong>Mashber – Crisis</strong>

The word Shever has at least 13 meanings in Hebrew as well as in English. It can mean Crisis, Fracture, Fraction, Breaking, Brake, Rapture, Splinter, Failure, Collapse, Mishap, Mantissa, and Hernia. That is if we speak of modern Hebrew. There are a few more meanings in Biblical Hebrew.


The theme of revenge appears in folk stories from all over the world. It can be found in the Bible, in the Iliad and Odissi, in indigenous tales and in modern fiction. Philosophers and psychologists contributed thoughts and theories about the reasons humans engage in acting so destructively and violently when the feeling of revenge overwhelms them.

Solandra Maxima in Mi’ilyah

According to Google, this flowering plant and its unbelievably gorgeous large flower, belongs to the Solanaceae family. It is also known as “cup of gold vine” and “Golden Chalis Vine” or Hawaiian Lily is actually endemic to Mexico and central America.

Delay is a Blessing in Disguise

No, this is not the idea of mañana, like in delaying for tomorrow tasks that should be done today. However, that is what actually happened unintentionally. We were frantically scurrying to finalize all the tasks left for the last moment before our flight on the next day.


On the front page of the Globe and Mail newspaper today (02.11.2022) there was an image that hit me very hard. A large photo of perfectly paired shoes. These were the shoes of the people in Korea who died by trampling at the large Halloween celebration in Seoul.

Life Cycles

At this time of year, it becomes almost painfully clear that we are moving into a change of seasons and in many ways the closing of a cycle. The days are becoming cooler here in Ontario, and the cold nights are laced with frost.


The first time I heard the word serendipity was many years ago when I encountered by chance a person who became a lifelong friend

Fall Fair

After two years of cancelation, the fall fairs have returned…

Gould’s Wall

Who would have thought a wall, a vertical object, could become a stage to perform an opera on?  This was certainly not a conventional opera…

Watch the Watch

Sometimes a particular watch becomes part of your persona.  You remember the time you bought it, the reaction of the people who noticed it, and the joy you experienced when they actually recognized what it represented. Such was the case with my iconic Dali watch…