Retreats are group activities that are specifically tailored to a particular population or to a particular subject.  The retreat can span over 2-4 days, and depending on the sponsor, it can be held in a verity of locations. 

I have provided so far only 2-day retreats, some on my own, and some with a team of other therapists. 

Currently, I am suggesting the following retreat for any agency that is interested.
Bereaved mothers or adult siblings Retreat

A 2-day retreat with a team of therapists
(Possible for up to 24 people)

The retreat format is a way of giving respite for participants to be able to take care of themselves, and have time to concentrate on the grieving process without the need to take care of others. The team is comprised of a psychologist or clinical social worker, an art therapist, a movement therapist, and a massage therapist.

In the future, possibly next summer I will offer a wilderness retreat for self-awareness and resilience which will be suitable both for therapists, community workers, and the general public.

Details will appear in “upcoming events”

Contact me to book a retreat and discuss payment possibilities. * Check events to find out about upcoming workshops